• 11th Annual Big Fella Open

    Tags: Outing, Charity

    In our 11th year The Big Fella Open is a Memorial Outing for Ryan Trumm who on June 23, 2003 - his very colorful life was tragically cut short. All benefits help local charities and people in need … more

  • End of Season 2012 Hole In Ones

    Tags: Hole-In-One

    We've had a ton of golfers this season who put the ball in the hole in one shot. We are going to start testing our customers for performance enhancing drugs. Here are some more aces to wrap up the 20 … more

  • 10th Annual Big Fella Open

    Tags: Big Fella Open, Outing, Events

    Our 10th Annual Big Fella Open is coming up on September 30th. Rain or shine! Download a registration card here! The Big Fella Open is an annual memorial outing in the name of Ryan Frederic Trumm … more

  • Hole In One July 2012

    Tags: Hole-In-One

    This month we added two more hole in ones to our list of awesome golfers at Rolling Green. July 22nd, 2012 - Marcia Akins from Akron managed to ace the #17 Hole with a wood. Probably not a bad play … more

  • Hole In One 2012

    Tags: Hole-In-One

    The hole-in-one, otherwise known as an Ace, is a very rare occurrence. Simply put, you hit the ball off of the tee and it ends up in the hole. It requires a good amount of skill or luck. (probably … more

  • New Website

    Rolling Green is proud to announce the release of our new website. You're looking at it. We've incorporated a new design as well as many new features. Check back often as we will be adding new … more

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